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Lloyd Caibiosai

Lloyd R. Caibaiosai was born in 1947 on the Spanish River Indian Reserve in Ontario. His Ojibway name given to him by his grandfather was “Newhguakgeiig” meaning “When the Sun Stands at Its Zenith”, an appropriate name for a rising artistic native son. 


Lloyd enrolled in the fine arts course at the University of Windsor where he also took two years of study in sociology and psychology. Later he broadened his artistic abilities and people skills by working directly with his native peoples, primarily the youth, in a number of positions.


Lloyd was married and lived on the Brocket Reserve in Alberta with his wife Beverley until his untimely death in a automobile accident in 1975.


Lloyd first gained recognition when he designed the graphics and murals for the Saw Ridge Motor Hotel in Slave Lake, Alberta. His work is unigue as is the hotel which is entirely native sponsored business enterprise. From this work sprang a series of highly acclaimed serigraphs purchased by private and corporate collectors, The Alberta Art Foundation and the Federal Government.


This collection (attached) of serigraphs were produced in 1972 – 1973. Lloyd illustrates legends of past generations with great sensitivity and expressiveness. Each print comes complete with the story on the print and an abbreviated version in verse appears on the print itself. 


His surviving work remains a legacy of his great talents and is eagerly sought after by collectors.

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