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Meredith Evans

Meredith Evans is one of Alberta’s foremost artists and landscape painters. He paints his favorite subject – the Alberta landscape – with excitement and diversity.

Evans was born in London, England in 1919. His family moved to Edmonton, Alberta in 1921. His residence and studio is in Edmonton, Alberta. He works in oil, line and wash drawings. He is an ASA (Alberta Society of Artists) and FCA (Federation of Canadian Artists) member. Painting is a curious process so intertwined with seeing that the two can hardly be separated. The ability to paint depends on the ability to see objects in a special way. An artist processes visual information differently than most people, and it is this particular process that allows him to draw complicated nature with ease and charm. Meredith Evans does this exceptionally well. It is also Meredith’s great colour sense that adds the evokes a different emotional response in the viewer.

Meredith believes that the emotion communicated by a subject is the most important aspect to be passed on to the viewer. This emotion is usually depicted but the fine balance of light and colour. The pictorial representation of the subject in its exactness of reality is secondary. Meredith’s success over the years is based on his ability to draw and his tuned awareness to the emotions derived from light and colour.

This distinguished Alberta artist has had numerous exhibitions since starting to study art seriously in 1937 and is represented in many collections. He has had one-man shows since 1966 in galleries such as Robertson’s, Ottawa; T.H Morgan Gallery, West End Gallery, Downstairs Gallery and J. Arends Gallery in Edmonton, and Gainsborough Gallery in Calgary. In April 1980 his series “ Alberta at Five” was shown at Oxford Galleries, Edmonton. This series was an extensive collection of paintings and sketches depicting the landscape of Alberta at five o’clock throughout the four seasons of the year. 

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