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Jack king

Jack King was Born December 31 in 1920. Mr. King's post-impressionistic style was developed throughout his artistic career painting oil canvases of the great American and Canadian wilderness. Jacks Love for Horses, Cowboys and Wilderness began during the depression when he worked in a stable, cleaning stalls and feeding the horses. It wasn’t long before Jack began doing sketches of the animals. In 1939 he began his art education at the Art Centre School of Deign in Los Angels. After graduation he studies privately with Orrin A White and W. Smithson Broad head. 


It seemed that Jack had put his artistic journey on hold when he joined the Navy in 1944 but in fact it was the complete opposite. While aboard ship over the course of 18months King had drawn more then 200 pictures of sailors, children, and other subjects for a fee of $5 for enlisted men and $25 for officers. By 1974 King had left a career in Engineering to pursue being an artist full time. 


In the tradition of C. M. Russell, his canvases also capture the mystique of native and pioneer life on the plains during the late 1800's.Among his many awards are "Best of Show", Fred Old field Western Art Show and Action, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Art Auction, as well as being a two-time winner in the National Park Academy of Arts, "Art for the Parks" contest. Jack King died after a lengthy illness on July 12th, 1998.


Only his body of work remains to inform us of his enduring talent that will not pass this way again. Once in a generation, perhaps only once in a century, is an artist born who can express in a single brush stroke the glistening muscles of a charming animal. Seldom is there an artist who can recreate the magic light of a sparkling brook so that you can taste that cold water tumbling over the rocks. Jack was one of these.

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