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Armand Vallee

The work of Armand Vallée is the journal of his life.  Born into an Austrian family of artists, he studied extensively in Munich, Dusseldorf and Vienna. After the war, Armand rebuilt his career, painting and exhibiting in Switzerland, Italy and France. After capturing the Canadian North on canvas, he decided to make Canada his home.  During his life, Armand painted from Alaska to Mexico: desert and mountain landscapes, studies of native Indians, contemporary city life; he painted the oil industry in the field, cells under the microscope, memories of the Holocaust.

Armand Vallée was an extraordinary man.


 His remarkable accomplishments are due as much to his perseverance to work as an artist as to his exceptional talent.  His work is found in museums, galleries, and major corporate and private collections throughout North America, Europe, Japan, Australia and North Africa.  Some of his series of paintings have received special recognition, including honours in the fields of Education and Human Rights.

Armand was a visual explorer, intimately connected to his environment, and he was able to translate its vitality to paper.  A deep love of drawing and a strong will to work, stem all his energy and ideas.  From a deeper understanding of nature and humanity stems the unique expression that is his work.

The paintbrush of Armand Frederick Vallée was one of spontaneity and radiance.  Each painting is a joyful celebration of life in all its myriad forms.

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